Bless the Bees!

I was working in my garden recently and the buzzing from the bees was so loud that it was distracting me from my weeding. (not a bad thing, I say!) I looked up and they were happily at work amidst the blooms of my many Lavender and Teuchrium plants. I know the bee population on our planet is in crises, but not in my garden! While watching them, I remembered a "Bee Blessing" that was read at Green Gulch Farm in Marin and I wanted to share part of it with you!

“…More than 30 percent of our food supply (more for vegetarians) comes to be because of the crucial relationship that honeybees and other pollinating beings have with the flowering world. Besides vegetables and fruit we receive from the labor of bees, we also receive the medicines of honey, pollen, propolis, beauty, and delight...

...Today a new bee family to be has come to Green Gulch to reside with the other eight colonies that live here. If causes and conditions are such, in 10 days or so a new queen bee will emerge from her egg. And if causes and conditions are such, the new queen will fly out into the flowering world and mate. And, the newly mated queen will return to her waiting family and for the remainder of her life will produce hundreds of thousands or maybe a million or more bees. And if causes and conditions are such honeybees will continue to provide us with food, medicine, beauty, and delight. May it be so.”

Green Gulch is a zen center, organic farm and much more. The location is stunning and their programs interesting. You don't have to be a Zen practitioner to participate, so check it out!

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