3 Easy (& inexpensive!) Ways to Impress your Love, on Valentines Day

couple madly in love

So you don't want to do the standard big, fancy bouquet of flowers this Valentines Day? But you still want to impress her, right?

Hmmm... that's a bit of a pickle you're in...

Well all is not lost, my friend. Just read on, for three ways out of your predicament that pretty much anyone can do.

romantic wildflower bouquet

1) Pull your car over wherever you see flowers growing on the side of the road or in a nearby field. Having a pocket knife, or anything else to cut them with will be handy. Pick a lot of flowers - two or three times more than you think you should. When you get home, chuck out the dead bits and put the whole lot in a vase, or bucket of water. When it's Go Time, go out to the garage, tool shed, or junk drawer and find some plain brown garden twine and wrap it around and around the stems a whole bunch of times and tie a bow or a knot.

When you hand your wild bouquet to your girl, give her a wild kiss, too.

2) Learn a couple of craft cocktail recipes, and play sexy bartender. Have some nice snacks, like olives and brie and french bread, out for her to nibble on while you work your magic. Use nice glasses - it makes a difference! After a couple of fabulous drinks, I think the rest of the evening should take care of itself

Look here for some ideas:


sexy cocktail making

3) Cook her dinner - whatever you're good at, that you know she likes. You don't need to get fancy with the menu, but have the table set in advance, cuz preparation is sexy. And have a few candles on the table They really set a romantic mood. Oh, and don't let her help *at all* with clearing the table, and you're golden!

romantic candlelit dinner table

Happy Valentines Day!

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