Live Forever!

Or, to put it more botanically, Sempervivum - the Latin name (semper = forever, vivo = live) for one of my favorite succulents.


Not only is this plant incredibly charming and grows great in most climates, one of it's common names is the longest of any plant I know!


I would love to know the origins of this one! Now keep in mind that, like most plants, Sempervivum has many common names. In fact, it's probably in the running for one of the plants with the most common names, too!

Here are a few:

'Live Forever'

'Always Living'


'Hens and Chicks'

'Jove's Beard'

'Jupiter's Eye'

'St. George's Beard'

'Bullock's Beard'

'Devil's Beard'

'Poor Jan's Leaf'

'Thunder Plant'

Any local nursery or succulent book should have a good selection of Sempervivums for your perusal. See which one strikes your fancy and start your own collection, but beware- they can be addicting!

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