3 Easy (& inexpensive!) Ways to Impress your Love, on Valentines Day

So you don't want to do the standard big, fancy bouquet of flowers this Valentines Day? But you still want to impress her, right? Hmmm... that's a bit of a pickle you're in... Well all is not lost, my friend. Just read on, for three ways out of your predicament that pretty much anyone can do. 1) Pull your car over wherever you see flowers growing on the side of the road or in a nearby field. Having a pocket knife, or anything else to cut them with will be handy. Pick a lot of flowers - two or three times more than you think you should. When you get home, chuck out the dead bits and put the whole lot in a vase, or bucket of water. When it's Go Time, go out to the garage, tool shed, or junk dr

Live Forever!

Or, to put it more botanically, Sempervivum - the Latin name (semper = forever, vivo = live) for one of my favorite succulents. Not only is

Benefits of Clay Soil

Yep, you read that right- there are benefits, believe it or not. The term, "clay soil" can strike fear into the hearts of most gar

Language for an American Landscape

Book Review Home Ground Language for an American Landscape Barry Lopez, editor One could classify this book as a dictionary, but it's not nearly as technical, so let's call it an anthology of vocabulary. The vocabulary it defines is used to characterize the American landscape. Much more than just definitions, these entries are infused with bits of culture and character. Very beautifully written, there are 850 words or terms defined by 45 writers- each contributing their own distinct 'sound' to their entries. I'm sure most people know what a grotto, fjord, prairie or a waterfall is, but what about a dryki? (an area where trees have been killed by flooding) This book goes from 'a'ā (a rubblel

Botany 101

There I was, walking a lovely woman through my garden- giving her a tour through my roses when she asked me a question. "What is this p

Growing Fruit in Temperate Climates

More and more people are growing their own food these days, and some of us are understandably getting a bit serious about it. Planting fruit

Rose Care Time

It's that time of year again! Time to tuck your roses in for a couple of months so they can come back in top form this spring. Last year

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